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Why do you need a business plan?

Book publishing and promoting is all about managing resources and time, and monitoring sales and effectiveness.

We work with you to create a business plan that captures your strategies, objectives, key milestones, priorities and action plan for the launch and promotion of your book. Our goal is to provide you with a coherent road map that transforms your book strategy into reality.

We offer a project-based fee or hourly rates for the above services to suit your needs, your budget and the scope of your project.

Book Editing and Production

Once you’ve completed your manuscript, there are 6 major processes to making a print ready sale-able book. They include: professional editing, interior layout and design, jacket design, legalities (ISBN, CIP, etc), artwork (if applicable), proof reading, paper stock selection. can assist with some or all of these processes – based on your needs and your budget.

Global Book Distribution

How will your books end up in the hands of customers?

The answer depends on how you plan to market and promote your book. If you love public speaking and traveling, then ‘back of the room sales’ can be very effective. The disadvantage is the time and resources it takes to create and manage these engagements and events.

If you plan to sell through bookstores and libraries for example, then you will need a book distributor. That’s where we come in. We offer exclusive global book distribution services for print and eBooks.

Our Book Distribution services include: warehousing, picking, packing, shipping, accepting returns, billing, sales reporting and we send you net book payments at regular intervals. This leaves you time to market the book.

Telephone Support

Our telephone support services are available within North America. We can provide you with support throughout the entire process, from manuscript editing to book launch and promotion.

Single 1 hr. session with follow up email $180-  pay here  pick a time here
Monthly fee: 4 hours/month $500 – pay here  pick your times here

Traditional Marketing

Don’t have time to research media opportunities?

Let us research and identify media opportunities for you. We prepare pitches for TV and radio and queries to editors and journalists. Press release writing and distribution services are also available.

Do you like writing articles?

Article marketing is a low cost alternative to promoting your products and or services. Print and online magazines need content, and it’s our job to ‘pitch’ your articles to the right publications. Whether you want to reach the local community, North America or the international scene, we will research and identify relevant publications and submit your articles to them for consideration.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is here to stay.

2014 Facts: 58% of American adults use Facebook; 23% use LinkedIn; 22% use Pinterest (Source: Pew Research Center)

Nearly every demographic around the world engages on social media.It’s the new word-of-mouth. More and more people turn to social platforms for product reviews, advice and tips.

Social activity can impact SEO. Tweets, pins, posts and social conversations expose your business to new website traffic.

Social Media platforms can be confusing, even overwhelming – but it does not have to be if you understand the when and why to use certain platforms. We work with you to align your goals and objectives and develop social media plans that are measurable, effective and economical. We show you how to work smart and efficiently using up to 3 social media platforms.

Our Social Media Offerings

Strategic Planning for using Facebook
Strategic Planning for using LinkedIn
Strategic Planning for using Pinterest
List Building 101

Virtual Marketing

Reach more people through the internet to advertise a product or service.
At we work in collaboration with our partners to design, market and host Teleseminars (audio), Webinars (audio with visual slides) and Telesummits (a series of online interviews).

Key Benefits of Creating Webinars, Teleseminar & Telesummits:

Affordable: these are low cost marketing strategies as compared to hosting a live conference or seminar with rental expense, signage and overhead.

Create brand awareness : easily promote your business and provide high quality content about your company, product or service.

Generate new revenue streams: recordings or presentations can be turned into evergreen products that you share again and again for a nominal fee.

Build a list of contacts and qualified leads: your opt-in or registration form allows you to collect ‘lead’ information from registrants name, email, location even job title! Plus the information and education you provide in your webinar serves to qualify your audience, informing them about your products, services and expertise – and creating the perfect sales lead in the process.

Create business relationships: Let your audience get to know you on a much deeper level than what could possibly get accomplished in a 30 second commercial. In a webinar/teleseminar or telesummit you have the time to allow your attendees to get to know you as a person, like you and trust you from the insights and content you share.

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