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About Dawn James

About Dawn James


I started in 2011 about a year after my own journey of becoming a published author. During my first year as an author, I had the pleasure of being interviewed on over 95 shows, successfully secured global book distribution and released 3 print runs in 12 months.

Hundreds of people approached me asking how I did it. That’s when I realized there was a void to fill in the publishing industry to educate aspiring authors about the ‘business’ of publishing and promoting in order to be successful. I initially held one-day workshops across the country, which later transformed into an online e-course. After building a team of talented professionals to work with me, our business model is now focused on offering self-publishing support, education, project management and consulting.

About Publish and Promote

About Publish and Promote

Our Mission is to empower North-American authors (to be) with the knowledge, tools, resources, coaching and support required to professionally publish and promote their own book(s) to the media and to their target audience.

We provide a wide range of services through a dedicated team of professionals who are experts in their areas of specialty, such as editing, book design, distribution, business planning, business and book marketing, public relations, profile management and social media management. With over 120 years of combined professional experience, our team is able to provide you with a wealth and depth of services to help you achieve your publishing and promotional goals.

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I recently used the services of Lotus Moon Press for the editing of my book Make It Happen. I was provided with excellent service that gave me the helping hand I needed to guide me through the publishing process. All my questions and concerns were answered in a timely and considerate fashion which resulted in my book being printed ahead of schedule. I will be using more of their services in the very near future and highly recommend other authors doing the same. You will not be disappointed!

Rev. Janice Chrysler, CH

Spiritual Growth Facilitator, Author of Make It Happen

Many thanks to Dawn James at Lotus Moon Press for encouraging me to write! And thank you to Lotus Moon Press staff for editing, interior design and layout.

Susan Horning, BBA, RYT

Spiritual Growth Facilitator, Author of Feng Shui Fundamentals

The thought of ever writing a book never really crossed my mind until I found I had something to say. As an inexperienced author, I knew I needed an editor as the book was telling its final chapter. Dawn James came highly recommended, so I contacted her.

Dawn took the time to listen to my project thoroughly and walked me through the editorial process with no pressure to sign with her. Her expertise was so well demonstrated that I knew Dawn’s services were the right fit for me.

From beginning to end she made the book flow to a degree that would captivate readers on a level that anyone could understand. Dawn really cares about her craft and now I highly recommend her editorial talent to you.

Bill Jeffs

Author of "I BELIEVE"

have always wanted to write a book but felt very daunted and overwhelmed by the process. Where to start? After downloading the “Insider’s Guide” , Self Publish and Promote Your Book and Your Self! I was on my way. The process was laid out in a easy to follow guide. All the hard work is done for you. I would highly recommend this guide to anyone wanting to publish their own work. Thank you.

Marcie D, GA, USA


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