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I recently used the services of Lotus Moon Press for the editing of my book Make It Happen. I was provided with excellent service that gave me the helping hand I needed to guide me through the publishing process. All my questions and concerns were answered in a timely and considerate fashion which resulted in my book being printed ahead of schedule. I will be using more of their services in the very near future and highly recommend other authors doing the same. You will not be disappointed!

Rev. Janice Chrysler, CH, author of Make It Happen.
Spiritual Growth Facilitator


Many thanks to Dawn James at Lotus Moon Press for encouraging me to write! And thank you to the Lotus Moon Press staff for editing, interior design and layout.

Susan Horning, BBA, RYT
Author Feng Shui Fundamentals


The thought of ever writing a book never really crossed my mind until I found I had something to say. As an inexperienced author, I knew I needed an editor as the book was telling its final chapter. Dawn James came highly recommended, so I contacted her.

Dawn took the time to listen to my project thoroughly and walked me through the editorial process with no pressure to sign with her. Her expertise was so well demonstrated that I knew Dawn’s services were the right fit for me.

From beginning to end she made the book flow to a degree that would captivate readers on a level that anyone could understand. Dawn really cares about her craft and now I highly recommend her editorial talent to you.

Bill Jeffs , author ” I BELIEVE”


 I have always wanted to write a book but felt very daunted and overwhelmed by the process. Where to start? After downloading the “Insider’s Guide” , Self Publish and Promote Your Book and Your Self! I was on my way. The process was laid out in a easy to follow guide. All the hard work is done for you. I would highly recommend this guide to anyone wanting to publish their own work. Thank you.

Marcie D, GA, USA


 I found the Publish and Promote Ecourse very useful because it helped me register my book quickly. Further, it has lot’s of good ideas about promotion before and after a book launch.

Alex H Toronto, ON


 This small initial investment is guaranteed to save a fortune in avoiding rookie mistakes. Whether self publishing or seeking a publishing house PublishandPromote’s Ecourse is a new authors best friend.

David.W. Florida, USA


This Ecourse has gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed as a new author in original and exciting ways that I feel will ultimately reward me with a financially and critically successful book and promotional tour.

Kevin N. Toronto, ON
Writer, Musician


Lotus Moon Press provides an excellent overview of the complicated realm of publishing. I would highly recommend them to any first time author. This company’s expertise and guidance takes aspiring writers from developing initial vague ideas to a polished finished book. They will help you create a product that will be welcomed in any book store. From organizing concepts to selecting cover art, providing resources and information the novice simply cannot do without.

They will guide you through a land mine of legal issues, directing you through the maze of copyright and licensing. I highly recommend to help you make your book dreams a reality.

Shirley.C. Toronto, ON
Artist, Author


Thanks to the team at we have a fantastic landing page for our New eManual called “Acting: Making It Your Business. I had wanted to do something unique and different with my eManual, and they created an email subscription publication. From start to finish, the team at were timely, efficient, and professional. I could not have asked for better service. I would highly recommend them to anyone that is interested in publishing a book.

Francine Alfred
Founder & President Talent Unleashed