About the Founder

Since 2010, Dawn James has helped hundreds of authors fulfill their dream of becoming a published author. There’s nothing quite like seeing your name in print and Dawn cherishes the relationship she builds with each of her clients in their quest to become published.

Dawn is the Founder and Managing Director of Publish and Promote, a company dedicated to teaching you “the business of being a successful author”.

With Dawn’s expertise and business savvy, she has assisted authors in all aspects of the publishing process from landing TV and radio interviews and becoming paid speakers to launching new products and planning a global tour.

Before launching Publish and Promote, Dawn spent over 20 years working in the business sector in various senior management roles was responsible for the strategic planning and execution for multinational corporations. She has worked in both the publishing and B2B market allowing her to bring a wealth of experience to every Publish and Promote client.

Dawn James
Business Strategist – Publisher – Educator – Mentor

Dawn enjoys teaching and empowering others to reach new heights,
and is a sought after speaker and workshop facilitator at conferences,
author events and writing retreats.

Where it Began

Dawn James started Publish and Promote in 2010 after her own successful journey of becoming a self-published author. During her first year as an author, she had the pleasure of being interviewed on over 95 shows, successfully secured global book distribution and released 3 print runs in 12 months.

Hundreds of people approached Dawn asking “How did you do it?”

That’s when she realized there was a void to fill in the publishing industry. She realized aspiring authors needed education about the ‘business’ of publishing and promoting to be successful. Dawn initially held one-day workshops across the country, which later transformed into an online e-Guide which is available for download.

After building a team of talented professionals to work with her, their business model now offers:

  • Self-publishing support
  • Education
  • Project management
  • Consulting

She works with clients in person, by phone or virtually (Skype, Zoom) and offers both project-based fees or hourly rates to suit her clients’ needs and budget.

How Can We Help You?

Working with Dawn and the people that she surrounded herself with, was an incredible experience. Having never been published she truly took any and all of the potential stress out of the process and all I had to do was out my thoughts on paper and she did the rest! Wonderful and so much fun!
~Paula Cook

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