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The Most Important Part of Any Book: How it Reads and How it Looks

Think about what draws you to picking up a book in a store to read its jacket or back cover. The first thing you notice is the cover. Or it might be the title that grabbed you. Most likely, it is both of those elements. If you pick up the book, you likely read the jacket or back cover. How compelling is the synopsis of the story? Was it written well enough to make you buy the book? Is the font size of the interior text large enough for you to read comfortably? If the book has captivated you enough to buy it, you are attracted to its design.

Once you’ve completed your manuscript, there are six major processes to producing a print-ready, salable book. They include: professional editing, interior layout and design, jacket design, legalities (ISBN, CIP, etc.), artwork (if applicable), proofreading, and paper stock selection.

Publish and Promote can assist with some or all of these processes, based on your needs and your budget. We ensure that your book looks as fantastic as it possibly can.

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