FB Ad Training for Authors

Why is it that most authors do not enjoy social media marketing?

The heart of the matter is most authors either:

  • do not understand it
  • do not have the time
  • do not have a communication strategy

In response to those 3 challenges, we now offer authors a one on one custom designed FB ad training program that teaches them

  • how to identify and define their target audience using FB and other sources
  • how to create a laser-focused targeted ad to capture the readers’ attention
  • what to tell readers when they click on your ad
  • how to measure your ad performance and return on investment
  • to recognize when & how to optimize your Facebook ad to grow demand for your book

Why choose us?

  • Our training sessions are live and interactive
  • Sessions are one on one – so personal attention is assured
  • Training is custom designed for your book, your message
  • You will walk away with an optimized ad campaign for your book, targeting your ideal audience
  • You will have the knowledge to adjust your ad/audience/your message and monitor your sales activity


Authors must have a

  •  website (or we can show you how to set up a microsite with landing page)*
  •  FB business page
  •  FB ad manager account



Step 1. Please send an email to authorservices at publishandpromote dot ca with subject line “FB ad training

Step 2. Make payment via the button below

We will contact you to set up your 4 one-hour training sessions at times convenient to you.

Training investment: $425 USD

*microsite/landing page setup is an additional fee. 


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