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Biker Romance novel by A G Kirkham

War: Satan’s Pride Series, Book 2 was released August 2019. This novel follows the stories of Maddie and War as fate brings them together, despite events from the past and promises made to themselves attempting to keep them apart. There are some highly erotic and sensual scenes handled with passion and taste. Romance, insecurities, looming threats, and friendships drive this plot forward.  While part of a series, this book reads perfectly as stand-alone and perhaps even drops hints of  a future tale between Vi and Orion. Lovely romance, engaging, descriptive, and passionate. Five star reviews are still rolling in!

Services we provided:
Publish and Promote was responsible for book cover design, interior layout & design, website redesign and launch; query book reviews, We also established an ebook marketing plan to reach her BEST audience. AG Kirkham was a pleasure to work with; she has a clear vision of  how her characters will evolve and relate with each other. We look forward to her release of future books in this series.

Print & ebook now available on Amazon(2019)
THE ROOTITOOT COOKBOOK – a Grandma’s Recipes for your Instant Pot
When Ruth McCusker and I spoke last Christmas, she was overwhelmed with orders for her cookbook. At the time her cookbook was only available only on her website, but her FB group was growing in leaps and bounds and members were loving her recipes to the tune of over 6,000 book orders in less than six months (wonderful problem to have).

Services we provided:
We provided Ruth with some print options as well as distribution options on Amazon including their warehouse/fulfillment service. Ruth was only printing a few hundred books at the time at premium pricing. We identified two more competitive printers, and Ruth was able to save $8,000 per year in book printing costs. As you can see in the image above, she is delighted to announce her book is now available for order on Amazon -which means fewer trips to the post office!


Just One Wish
Teacher Vandana Verma’s first book, Just One Wish, helps teachers and parents alike teach children character development. Learning activities are included at the end of the book to continue to develop their character.

Services we provided:
Researched and recommended an appropriate cover and paper stock; Selected a printer to meet client needs, namely able to print book in landscape opening from right to left. POD could not accommodate that request. We found a Canadian printer that was able to meet the requirements at an affordable price and deliver in a timely manner. We also worked with the author to identify local opportunities for talks and book signings, and some strategic marketing with bloggers.

The Boy and The Bear
Lepage Learning provides children’s book and parent/teacher educational tool for speech-language development.

Services we provided:
Design marketing collateral to query/obtain national school book distribution across Canada. Currently working on securing US school book distribution.
Project management for book production; select appropriate paper stock, full-color printing.

Working with Lepage Learning:

We were delighted to be approached by Lepage Learning to assist them with the creation, printing, and distribution of the first of a series of children’s books. Founder, Margo Lepage, had the vision to create books that will make learning sounds, language, and phonics enjoyable for children. The books will also help educators and parents teach speech, language and literacy skills. This project began in March 2018, and by August 2018 her vision was realized! “The Boy and The Bear” arrived at their office in August 2018, and we had expressed interest from three Canadian school book distributors. We are currently working with Lepage Learning to obtain US book distribution. Their website

The Forbidden Gift: A Child’s Memoir
Author, Psychic, Ghost Hunter: Brenda Montgomery

Services we provided:
Chapter development, Structural editing
Full book production (editing, interior layout design, and book cover design) and printing

Working with Brenda:

Brenda is a first-time writer. During our initial phone conversation, she said I have 2 books because there are too many stories to put in one book! She was clear that the first book would be about her first 20 years, living in two worlds where she could ‘see’ both the living and those who have crossed over—a gift since birth! We worked very closely with Brenda on chapter development, structural editing and sequencing her story from infancy to age 20. We also encouraged Brenda to update her social media profile and set up a website.  Brenda has stepped out to meet her ideal audience by doing FB live readings, selling her books at fairs & expos and recently launched a podcast.

A Journey to Forgiveness
Author, Poet, Yogini: Sanovia Muhammad

Services we provided:
Chapter development, Editorial feedback
Full book production (editing, interior layout design, and book cover design) and printing

Working with Sanovia:

Sanovia contacted me Spring of 2017. She asked me to review her manuscript. She needed her first book to be published in 2017, in memory of her departed mother. After reading her manuscript, I was very moved by the story of her grandmother and mother. We provided her with an in-depth manuscript review and recommendations to expand ‘her’ story so readers would connect with her challenges and breakthrough moments and understand how she came to her present place as a yogini and community leader. We successfully published Sanovia’s book in November 2017. Her first book signing was December 2017 and nearly 100 people attended. Sanovia is well on her way to being a successful self-published author!

When Women Talk
Anthology of 30 writers, compiled by Brigette Lessard-Deyell, Founder Women Talk

Services we provided:
Project management for book production
Structural and stylistic editing, proofreading, interior layout & design, book cover design, printing

Working with Brigitte:

Brigitte Lessard-Deyell is one of the most visionary clients I have had the pleasure of working with. She contacted me in 2016 and shared her vision of creating a collection of stories from women of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures. She said “Dawn, by sharing our stories we give each other hope and courage. We make our communities stronger.” Our project began in January 2017 when a collection of 30 individual stories arrived in our inbox. Our team immediately got to work- editing, designing, and proofreading. In just four short months we were ready to go to print! Brigitte successfully launched “When Women Talk” book in June 2017.

G.U.T.S (Getting Uncomfortable to Succeed)
Author: Betty Franklin

Services we provided:
The author purchased our DIY Publishing guide,
Social media training,
Traditional media marketing
Press release writing and distribution,
Created a media sheet, and speaker sheet,
Provided strategies for event management and book signings.
Researched and provided a list of high potential venues to hold workshops, talks and book signings.

ABC book series
Author and business owner, Gloria Pierre

Services we provided:
Business planning with client to increase product awareness through strategic targeted communication and eBook distribution
Business planning to grow client’s network through in-person interactions and opportunities
Researched and identified high potential in-person networking and speaking opportunities in Toronto
Prepared time-based action plan to execute strategies
Converted three print books to eBooks
Set up global eBook distribution for three titles

Feng Shui Fundamentals
Author: Susan Horning

Services we provided:
Ghostwriting, editing, proofreading
Set up global ebook distribution

Working with Susan:

Susan is a socially-conscious entrepreneur, global traveller, yoga teacher, and astrologist. She contacted me initially to collaborate on a book project, but we soon realized what she really needed was some chapter development and guidance in the self-publishing process. We got Susan started in the right direction by providing ghostwriting services for the first few chapters. After a few phone strategy sessions, Susan was well on her way to complete the project on her own. Her book is now available in print and eBook format, and I know there will be more books to come.

The Little Book of Green Minutes
Author, Speaker and TV host: Tash Jefferies

Services we provided:
Author purchased our DIY Publishing guide
completed 4 strategy phone sessions,
and went on to publish and get distribution for her book herself

Overcoming the P.I.T.S. of Health
Author, Nurse: Jennifer Desmond

Services we provided:
Author purchased our DIY Publishing guide
completed 4 strategy phone sessions
went on to publish and get distribution for her book herself

Make It Happen
Author Rev. Janice Chrysler

Services we provided:
Author purchased our DIY Publishing guide;
completed 3 strategy phone sessions
Book editing, interior design and layout
Converted print book to eBook
Marketing consulting/phone support

Luminous Mountain
Author, Shamanic Healer: Marcela Grant

Services we provided:
Book marketing plan developed to increase in-person book sales.
Research and identify high potential events, organizations and social groups in the author’s local area for storytelling and book signing opportunities.

Working with Marcela:

Marcela is a multi-talented lady. She personally designed this colorful children’s book herself. Her book was published by a third-party organization in 2011. Marcela contacted me seeking book marketing advice. She was not happy with her book sales performance. I read her book and we had a meeting to chat about what she had been doing to promote her book and more importantly how many children had she read this beautiful story to. We designed a 90-day strategic marketing plan for Marcela to meet as many parents with young children as possible in her region. She attended events, schools, expos and was featured online. By the end of the summer, she has sold almost 500 books and was well on her way of sharing her children’s book beyond her hometown.

CD: With Eyes Closed
Artist: Arash Behzadi

Services provided:
Research and identify high potential holistic, yoga and spiritual events across the globe, by country, by month for the client to apply for performance and vending opportunities.

Working with Arash:

One of the beautiful advantages of technology is that you can connect and work with people from any corner of the world. When I connected with Arash he was in Bali, Indonesia. Being a former pianist myself, we hit it off immediately. He shared with me a life-changing experience had during a yoga session, which he has now interwoven into his musical performances. His goal was to perform live at yoga and holistic events around the world. He hired us to provide the research, contacts, timelines, and roadmap for him to plan a world tour. We identified yoga and holistic events with a minimum of 20,000 attendees in various countries around the world. Happy travels Arash!

Today’s Divine Family
Authors: Deb & Bob Hannaford

Services we provided:
Full book production (editing, interior layout, and design, book cover design) and printing
Social media training
Tradition PR
Create media & speaker sheets

Marshall High Tops book series
Author and Story Teller: Camille Blue Amy

Services we provided:
Developed a book marketing plan –to establish an online presence, social media training,
Website review and recommendation for redesign
Researched and provided a list of North American magazines and publications to reach the target audience and obtain book reviews
Enhance facebook fan page, increased likes for 30 to over 400 within 2 weeks, FB ad campaigns

BYOB (Be Your Own Boss)
Author: Gloria McRae

Services provided:
Create a Media one-sheet
Research and identify high potential post-secondary institutions for speaking opportunities to the client’s target audience

Beyond the Sold Sign
Author: Julie Wilson

Services we provided:
Book production included Interior layout and design, cover design, proofreading, printing

Working with Julie:

Julie is one of the first clients we began working with. When I look back at the journey of publishing Julie’s book it could have been a screenplay. In the Fall of 2010 Julie literally had 5-6 handwritten pages in her purse which she shared with me. She is a full-time realtor and had recently experienced the emotional and somewhat complicated world of moving elderly parents from the ‘family home’ into assisted living. She started documenting the process and realized it would be helpful for other families to learn how to do this with grace and ease. We had several meetings and discussions about the chapter summary, the content and the flow of the book. She envisioned more of a resource and guide so we selected spiral binding. I pulled a team together, David for book design, Devorah for editorial and by July 2011 Julie’s book was born. Julie went on to hold workshops across Toronto for boomers and seniors, became a regular presenter at AARP, her book was distributed through real estate agencies across Canada and is available on Amazon in print. A storybook ending!

Magical Life Institute

Services we provided:
Provided critical analysis, solutions, strategies, and recommendations to achieve client’s goals in an impactful, effective and efficient manner. Website design and content input.

Outcomes: successfully launched the project – expressed through a website, marketing collateral, video, social and traditional media; increase the visibility of Susan Kern and new ‘magical life’ program in GTA and surrounding areas.


Services we provided:
Augment Social media content for hair products business
Facebook training; increased like from 16 to over 700
Augment business listings in several directories
Provided strategies and venues for brand awareness and increasing visibility

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