DIY Self Publishing Guide


Get our  Insider’s Guide to Publishing and Promoting Your Book and Yourself!

If you are a hands on self-starter, then you will save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars
with our comprehensive, easy to follow step by step guide

The first half of this Self-Publisher’s Guide contains all you need to know about book production – from killer titles, to content, printing options, and a publishing timeline checklist so you don’t miss any critical steps.

The second half covers book distribution, marketing, press releases, social media and getting media attention.

There are lots of checklists, samples and resource links included.

BONUS OFFER: When you download our DIY Self Publishing Guide you will also receive a 30-minute strategy session with founder Dawn James to discuss your publishing goals.

Own your copy of our valuable
DIY Guide today for $99!

What satisfied customers have to say:

This small initial investment is guaranteed to save a fortune in avoiding rookie mistakes. Whether self publishing or seeking a publishing house Publish and Promote’s E-guide is a new author’s best friend.
David W., Florida, USA

I have always wanted to write a book but felt very daunted and overwhelmed by the process. Where to start? After downloading the “Insider’s Guide” , Self Publish and Promote Your Book and Your Self! I was on my way. The process was laid out in a easy to follow guide. All the hard work is done for you. I would highly recommend this guide to anyone wanting to publish their own work. Thank you.
Marcie D, GA, USA

I found the Publish and Promote E-guide very useful because it helped me register my book quickly. Further, it has lot’s of good ideas about promotion before and after a book launch. An invaluable resource to new authors!
Alex H, Toronto, ON
Author, Musician

Own your copy of our valuable
DIY Guide today for $99!

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