Whether you decide to self publish or submit a proposal to a publisher, you will need to understand the business of publishing and promoting in order to be a successful author in North America!

With PublishandPromote.ca you will learn to
• Target your audience appropriately
• Plan the plan – every business needs a business plan
• Select the right editor and designer for your book
• Use your time and money efficiently
• Find the best book distributor(s)
• Create effective sales tools and media kits
• Properly plan publicity and marketing campaigns



Book publishing can seem overwhelming, and maybe that’s why you haven’t gotten started yet. If it’s fear that’s slowing you down, you’re not alone. That’s why we created a in-depth roadmap of best practices for you to follow in this E-course, to help you overcome those common fears.

If it’s lack of time that’s keeping your ideas from flowing out your head an onto paper, you’re in good company there too. More than 80% of North Americans say they want to publish, yet only 2% do. They, like you, are busy or tired. So what’s’ the solution?


The key is to follow the outline we’ve created
and you will learn how to be a creative, focused
and professional author.

Now is the time for you to invest in yourself and your
creativity! Don’t let another year slip through
your fingers without fully committing to
publishing your book.
Make this YOUR year to Turn your Book Vision
into Reality, and reap the benefits.


This E-course is for you, if …

• You’ve ever wanted to write books/become an author
• You dream of entertaining and educating friends, clients, associates, and unknown readers by sharing your unique wisdom and experience
• You want your business to have more visibility and credibility
• You can’t wait to get your thoughts out of your head and into a book where they can help others
• You are ready for a spin-off career in consulting or speaking
• You desire to leave a legacy

GET The KNOW HOW you need to Professionally Publish and Promote your Book and Yourself – for just one low price of $139!

One thing that allows us to offer you this low price—at least for right now—is that rather than use resources to package and ship this program to you, you can now download it immediately, without costly and wasteful packaging and shipping. As an environmentally conscious organization, that’s important to us. That also gets you everything you need right away, and allows you to feel great about your purchase.

Now, back to you and your writing: Inspiration alone won’t thrust a moving pen into your hands. Action precedes motivation. Invest in yourself today. Give yourself permission to turn your Book Vision into Reality, and enjoy the benefits.