self publishing tips and services publish and promote your bookFrequently Asked Questions about Self-Publishing

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about our company and services. Do you have a question not covered here? Please reach out by completing our contact form.

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About Publish and Promote
  1. What does Publish and Promote do?

    We assist authors with self-publishing their books, from writing, coaching, editing, book design, cover design, eBook conversion, consulting, and project management to developing strategic marketing plans. Depending on your needs, we can do everything as a fixed fee project or a-la-carte.

  2. How do you meet clients?

    We meet clients via Skype, Zoom or by phone.

  3. Will you be the publisher of my book?

    No. We help authors successfully self-publish their books, which means they will be the publisher.

  4. Do I retain my rights and royalties?

    Yes, you retain 100% of your book’s rights and royalties when you work with Publish and Promote.

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Self-Publishing Services
  1. What happens after I complete the Publishing Services Intake Form?
    • We review your submission and prepare a quote based on your requirements
    • We schedule an initial call to review the scope of work outlined in the quote
    • Once you approve the quote, we then request your manuscript
    • You receive a project plan with key milestones leading to a service completion date or publication date
    • Together we schedule project update meetings until the service completion date
  2. What is your turnaround time?

    Our turnaround time depends on many factors, including:

    • Our current workload
    • The type of work you want us to do
    • The length and complexity of your book

    If you would like an estimate of our turnaround time for your book, please contact us and we will be happy to get you an estimate. In addition, if you have a very tight deadline, we can often work with you on options to meet that deadline.

  3. In what file format should I send my manuscript?

    We prefer you send your book’s manuscript to us as a Microsoft Word file, double-spaced, 12- or 13-point font size. If possible, all material should be in a single Word document (introduction, body, author bio, source references, etc.).

  4. How do I send my files to you?

    You can send your files as an email attachment to authorservices AT publishandpromote DOT ca, or we can provide you with a DROPBOX link for larger files.

  5. Do you provide ISBNs?

    As a self-publisher, you are responsible for obtaining the ISBN for your book, but we can help guide you through that process! Depending on your country, ISBNs can be obtained or purchased through a national ISBN registry service.

  6. Do you print books?

    We are not printers. Most authors we work with use Print-On-Demand printers, such as IngramSpark or Amazon KDP. A few use offset printers. We can assist you in finding a North American-based printer based on your needs. We can also help you get the book set to their specifications and submitted to them.