About Publish and Promote

Welcome message from Publish and Promote Founder, Dawn James

You do the writing. We do the rest! 

Publish and Promote was founded in 2010 by publishing strategist Dawn James.

 We offer a wide range of self-publishing services, from book outlining, writing coaching, editing, proofreading, cover design, formatting and interior design, global book distribution, custom book marketing plans and more.

We also teach authors the business of being successful through our training programs, phone consultations, and writing retreats.

Learn how to write, publish, and promote your book with us!

About Founder Dawn James 

Dawn James is the Founder and Managing Director of Publish and Promote, a company dedicated to teaching you “the business of being a successful author.” Since 2010, she has helped hundreds of writers fulfill their dream of becoming published authors. She has over 20 years of experience in publishing (magazines, newspapers, and books).

Dawn James is an award-winning author for her afterlife story Unveiled: Autobiography of an Awakened One (2022 Reader’s Favorite) and 14x bestselling author. She is a seasoned guest on radio, podcasts, and TV and an international public speaker sought after at conferences, author events, and writers’ retreats.

There is nothing quite like seeing your name in print, and Dawn cherishes the relationship she builds with each of her clients in their quest to become published.

Above all, Dawn is passionate about teaching others how to write for impact and leave readers turning the pages!