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Author Testimonials: What Our Clients Are Saying

Publish and Promote self-publishing service company author testimonials

Dawn was absolutely phenomenal! I could not have done it without her. She took the stress out of all the logistics and I couldn’t be happier! Would highly recommend using her! Thank you for bringing my book to life!

Jodi Barrett, Founder of Kettlebell Kickboxing Canada and Author of I Don’t Do Vanilla (her memoir)

Publish and Promote self-publishing service company author testimonials

I had the pleasure of working with Dawn and Publish and Promote for the launch of my first book. As a novice author, I was guided and supported throughout the entire process. Their expertise, guidance, and assistance with book cover design, editing, and marketing were invaluable. Thanks to their help, I now have a beautiful book out there. I highly recommend Publishing Promote for anyone looking to publish a book.

Ophelia Rigault, Author of The CAREING Leader

Where do I begin?  Dawn James is a beautifully heart-centred human with extraordinary gifts and expertise.  I was excited when I published my little e-book, with ease, but when it came to creating the paperback version – well, let’s just say it was very humbling to this novice author.  Dawn and her team took over the interior design, the book cover and spine creation while I watched in awe how it all came together, appearing effortless.  When you know what you’re doing, great things happen quickly and easily.  That is how I would begin to describe the team at “Publish and Promote”. I can’t wait to hand over my next book. I am not sweating through the process of doing it on my own again when I know the pros are ready to sprinkle their magic dust.  KUDOS to Dawn, and Publish and Promote.  I highly recommend them for your next book publication.

Lucy Toppetta, Author of 111 Tips & Inspirations for the New Entrepreneur

Publish and Promote self-publishing service company author testimonials

For several years, I had been trying to break through my barriers and fears of writing. Many thanks to my publisher, Publish and Promote. Dawn James and her team are excellent. They were professional and supportive. I received support for editorial, production, publication, and marketing. With their help, I was able to write and publish three books. When I received the news that my books were ready to be published, it was the best feeling ever!

I look forward to the ongoing cooperation with the team at Publish and Promote for the next print in the series Best Practices for Parents.  I would recommend them to any aspiring author.

Annette Eberhart, Author of Best Practices for Parents book series

Publish and Promote self-publishing service company author testimonials

I returned to Publish and Promote to produce my second book, and it felt like déjà vu. My new book hit bestseller on Amazon within 3 days, just like my first book, Self-Esteem Passport. Once again, Publish and Promote managed the entire publishing process with professionalism and attention to detail.  Always an amazing, stress-free experience, and I highly recommend Publish and Promote.

Harriet Tinka, 2x Author
World-Class Affirmations for Women (2023)

Publish and Promote self-publishing service company author testimonials

Writing my first book and putting a large part of myself out there was a huge decision for me.  Before this experience, it had never crossed my mind that I would have something that I would write that I would feel comfortable sharing with others.  Dawn made everything so easy and was a pleasure to work with.  From our first meeting, her professionalism and expertise helped me quickly overcome any insecurities I may have had in becoming an author.

Working with Dawn and discussing my writing, reviewing, and approving multiple edits, cover and interior design, tips on getting the right photo for my Bio, and putting the book together was such a great experience and I look forward to the opportunity to work with her and her team again.

I very highly recommend Publish and Promote.

Sean Robinson, Author
Going Dry: My Path to Overcoming Habitual Drinking (2022)

Judi Gilbert author The Next Shift

As a first-time author, I knew very little; OK, let’s be honest, I knew nothing about navigating the waters of self-publishing my book. But I was very fortunate and will always be grateful to have crossed paths with Dawn. She came highly recommended by more than one individual. She provided expertise, professionalism, and insight that was second to none.

Dawn’s support comes in varying degrees depending on the author’s level of experience. Her approach provides a forum for authors to learn, absorb and understand the new world they have found themselves in. She guided me through each phase of the process, always ensuring I understood and was comfortable with the next steps.

Self-publishing can be overwhelming and sometimes daunting, but I always felt secure knowing that Dawn would guide me with kindness and understanding.

Judi Gilbert, Author
The Next Shift: A Guide to Identify Your Core Skills and Successfully Transition from Sports (2022)

Publish and Promote self-publishing service company author testimonials

It was my first novel at age 38, and I had no idea how to go about it. Reading all kinds of information on publishing a book on Google confused me more, and I felt overwhelmed. 

A friend of mine introduced me to Dawn James. I reached out to her, and we instantly connected—she was the one!

She has been so supportive throughout the entire journey. If it was not for her, I don’t think I would have even been able to publish my book. She was a tremendous help; more than anything, she motivated me, assured me that I was in good hands, and made it happen for me. Dawn guided me through each step, gave me amazing ideas, and designed my book to look beautiful and vibrant. She was indeed a blessing to me, and I would recommend that everyone lost about where to begin to approach her as she will make your dream come true. Dawn is not just a professional publisher but also a beautiful soul. You will feel her energy while working with her, that she wants the best for you, and that she will go above and beyond to motivate and lift you through the entire process.

Deepti Raju 

How to Break Boundaries and Blossom (2022)

Publish and Promote self-publishing service company author testimonialsI wrote my first novel at age 74 and had no idea how to publish it. After reading numerous websites and articles about the process, I was even more confused, exacerbated, and discouraged because I needed more guidance and personal contact than most companies offered. 

Dawn James was the answer to my prayers. She guided me through the entire process, including design, formatting, editing, Kindle Direct Publishing, Amazon, copyrighting, pricing, and distribution. But, more importantly, Dawn was accessible. She responded to every email and spent time with me on the phone.  As a novice, her patience, extensive experience, expertise, and willingness to respond to my concerns are why I was able to publish my book. You will not be disappointed if you contact Publish and Promote.

Jackie Jordan
Searching for Grace (2022)

Publish and Promote self-publishing service company author testimonialsMy referral to Dawn James of Publish and Promote by a friend was a blessing. Although we have never met, I feel as if I’ve known her for years. In our telephone introduction, we made an immediate connection.

I wanted to write a book to chronicle the trials and tribulations I endured with staff and other obstacles I faced as a Black businesswoman. However, when I completed the first draft, Dawn reasoned that it was not the book I should write. I had given too much space to the people that hurt me. They should occupy a shelf but not a room. She suggested that I consider the first writing as a birthing.

Dawn encouraged me to concentrate more on my achievements. I am hard on myself. However, I never felt I had achieved much or had a story to tell. Dismayed, I put away my writing. After a few weeks, I decided to try again, but the thought of an autobiography never came to mind.

It turns out that Dawn’s advice was some of the best I’ve ever received. She gave me the tools to bring my story to life. She assisted with the title, layout, design, copyediting, proofreading, ISBN, KDP, and Amazon.  Dawn promptly answered every phone call and email.

Although painful at times, writing this book was healing, powerful, captivating, and motivational. I needed to write it.  The result is a fantastic autobiography.

I will be forever grateful to her.

Jean Pierre

President & CEO Jean Pierre Aesthetics & Spa Inc.

Uphill Climb: Autobiography of
Jean Pierre, Canadian Icon and Creator of Obsidian Skincare 

Publish and Promote self-publishing service company author testimonialsWhen I had an idea to write a book, I wasn’t even sure where to start. Then, a friend referred me to Dawn James at Publish and Promote, and I recently published my first book with her help. After an initial and free consultation, Dawn made me feel prepared to move forward in the process of writing and publishing. 

Dawn was available to answer any questions I had at each step of the way and provided me with a step-by-step and detailed timeline to follow to keep the process on track. Dawn also had many creative ideas to promote my book, guiding me on where to go to begin to make contacts for when the book was to be published. 

I would recommend Dawn and her team to new authors, like myself, and seasoned authors who are looking for additional support and ideas on publishing more.

Kim Alexander 
Creating a Safe Space in the Classroom: A Guide for Educators (2021)

Publish and Promote self-publishing service company author testimonialsI was extremely blessed to have the opportunity to work with Publish and Promote. The attention that Dawn paid to details is excellent. In addition, Dawn simplified the editing process, and her timely responses ensured that we met set deadlines. I have and will continue to recommend clients to Publish and Promote.


Bishop Strickland

A Guide to Effective Worship Leading (2021) 

Publish and Promote self-publishing service company author testimonials

Many thanks to Dawn James for her professional guidance and work in the last two years. I was reluctant to try to publish my book. However, Dawn had a way of paving the way and showing me that it was possible. And she was right. My book ranked #1 best seller on Amazon after two weeks of being published. Self-Esteem Passport is my first published book without other coauthors. It is surreal to believe I did it. I could not have done it without Dawn’s professional help and expertise. She made the process seamless and second to none! Thanks, Dawn, for supporting me so I can reach a larger audience with my platform.

Harriet Tinka
Self-Esteem Passport(2020)

Publish and Promote self-publishing service company author testimonialsI had the pleasure of working with Dawn James for one year as a publisher to help me launch my first book: Gorgeous Grey Movement. It was such an incredible experience. She exceeded my expectations and helped me every step of the way. It was a perfect match, and I am so happy to have partnered with her. The result is a wonderful book that she helped bring to life.

Thank you so much, Dawn. You are such a lighthouse to helping many people bring their stories to life.

Gorgeous Grey Movement: How to Boldly Own Your Sparkle (2021)

Nicole Scott, RHN
CEO, Own Your Sparkle

Publish and Promote self-publishing service company author testimonialsPublish and Promote gave me the knowledge, encouragement, and tools to get my first book published. Dawn worked with me on every aspect of book production (from ISBN, paper stock, layout, font selection, and obtaining print quotes), and she taught me along the way so that I could publish four more books on my own.

Publishing can be a very daunting task. However, I am grateful Dawn was able to guide me through the process and create a project plan to accomplish my book publishing goal.

Margo Lepage
Founder, Lepage Learning

Publish and Promote self-publishing service company author testimonialsI first want to say that writing a book was the most exciting yet challenging experience for me. I really enjoyed working with Dawn James at Publish and Promote. Dawn walked me through the process step by step. Dawn was supportive, resourceful, great to work with, and very efficient. She has a passion for what she does, and she is very good at it.

I look forward to working with Dawn on future projects.

Creative Hands (2021)

Annette Eberhart
Director, Kidds R Us Family
Childcare LLC.

Publish and Promote self-publishing service company author testimonials

I recently used the services of Publish and Promote for the editing of my book Make It Happen. Dawn provided me with excellent service that gave me the helping hand I needed to guide me through the publishing process. In addition, she answered my questions and concerns in a timely, considerate fashion. As a result, my book was printed ahead of schedule. I will be using more of their services in the near future and highly recommend other authors do the same. You will not be disappointed!

Rev. Janice Chrysler, CH, author of Make It Happen: Motivation. Meditation. Manifestation (2020)
Spiritual Growth Facilitator

Publish and Promote self-publishing service company author testimonialsI consulted Dawn because I wanted to promote two of my books. She asked me some key questions, provided me with a strategic framework specific to my books, and explained the process of executing the strategy. Within a short time, Publish and Promote had my books on Amazon! Dawn reveals her expertise in book promotion with every suggestion she makes. I highly recommend her because of the straightforward and effective strategy she uses to make her clients and their products and services visible.

Gloria Pierre
Author, Speaker, Presenter, Coach
Founder, Clearly Speaking

Publish and Promote self-publishing service company author testimonialsDawn, I am eternally grateful for your leadership in bringing this story together. Thank you for sticking with me through all the highs and lows. You believed in the story from the beginning. Your keen listening was always available. I so appreciate how being professional and being human were never in conflict. I could not have made a better choice.

Sanovia Muhammad
Yogini, Speaker, Author
A Journey to Forgiveness: Disowning 3 Generations of Violence (2017)

Publish and Promote self-publishing service company author testimonialsWorking with Dawn and the people that she surrounds herself with was an incredible experience. Having never been published, she took all the potential stress out of the process, and all I had to do was put my thoughts on paper, and she did the rest! Wonderful and so much fun!

Paula Cook
Coauthor of When Women Talk: Empowering Each Other One Story at a Time (2017)

Publish and Promote self-publishing service company author testimonialsThis was my first venture into writing, and I was unsure if I could write and how I would measure up to the other authors. But I need not have worried. Altogether, the process, guidance, publishing team, and the women of the anthology compiled by Brigitte Lessard Deyell were terrific. They created a book that is a treasure to hold in hand and a treasure to read. It emanates love, authenticity and hope through its design and its words. The book feels like a living, breathing being to me. It must have something to do with the army of angels who put it together. I am filled with love and gratitude.

Colette Smithers
Coauthor of When Women Talk: Empowering Each Other One Story at a Time (2017)

Publish and Promote self-publishing service company author testimonialsDawn James came highly recommended for editorial work. She was patient and professional and walked me through the editorial process, from chapter summary to content development. Then, from beginning to end, she edited my book to a degree of clarity that would captivate readers on a level anyone could understand. Dawn really cares about her craft, and now I highly recommend her editorial talent to you.

Bill Jeffs
I BELIEVE (Memoir)

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